Giving Back


One of the key aims of the Exboys UK association is to establish and promote a supportive relationship with NMS, our primary objective in this regard is to make an ongoing contribution to the welfare and wellbeing of all students passing through NMS.
We have established a ‘Give Back Fund’ with the following goals:


  • To provide a fundraising vehicle for our charitable aspirations to invest in the welfare of students passing through NMS


  • To provide a framework for collection and evaluation of project ideas that are most likely to deliver visible welfare results per pound invested


  • To Create a platform that will serve as the basis for engaging with NMS leadership (Commandant, Deputy Commandment, Adjutant) to explore how welfare projects might be implemented for the benefit of students


  • To help cultivate a new group of philanthropists within the NMS Ex-boys community both in the UK and worldwide


  • To encourage and honour philanthropy in all of its aspects, including the giving of time, talent, or money to assist the students of NMS

The official launch of the ‘Give Back Fund’ was May 2009 (6 years to date!!), fund raising is continuing with pledges currently committed to the fund by Ex-boys based in UK and Nigeria.
We recently Visited NMS (August 2014) with a very positive reception from the Commandant and Staff of our Alma Mater. This we presume are the first steps in the right direction. Numerous areas of interest were discussed and if you would like to find out more email


We will continue to accept pledges and donations to the Give Back Fund. If you want more information, wish to make a donation or discuss how you can assist, please send us an email  Fill in the Contact form or Donate via PayPal.
We also invite suggestions for project ideas; we will especially be grateful to hear from you if you have recently visited NMS and gained some understanding of the most pressing need that we could address to benefit the students.

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